Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
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Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps
Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap Waltaps

Palms™ Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Soap

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Joel Doyle, Phoenix, Arizona

At first, I was scared to use this shampoo bar because when my scalp is irritated, it becomes itchy and flaky. Good thing this product also has anti-dandruff properties. Before using this, I noticed a lot of hair shedding every time I took a shower. Amazingly, this shampoo bar improved the strength of my hair with just a few days of use. It also lathers beautifully every use and lasts for weeks. Definitely repurchasing!


Sofia Stevens, Seattle, Washington

Bought the floral-scented one and it smells heavenly! This shampoo bar is also surprisingly easy to use and lathers quite well. Most shampoo bars that I've used before tend to be quite drying. But this one isn't. It keeps my hair moisturized and shiny without the greasy feeling the whole day. The best part is it really works in lessening my hair fall. Noticed less hair falling out while in the shower. Very happy with the purchase.


Elle Nixon, Tampa, Florida

This anti hair fall shampoo doesn't melt easily, which is good for a shampoo bar. I have an oily scalp, but even though it's marketed to keep hair "shiny", it matches my hair well. After just one use, it got rid of the excess grease, smell, and hair product buildup but didn't leave my hair dry and brittle. I was so impressed with this shampoo bar! It thoroughly cleansed my oily scalp and gave my hair a nice, bouncy volume. Will repurchase! This is staying in my bathroom drawer forever.


About Hair Loss

Hair loss is just something that many of us have to deal with as we age. Contrary to popular belief that most women do not experience hair loss, roughly 40% of hair loss sufferers are women. By the age of 50, more than half of all women will deal with some degree of hair loss.

Contributing factors that cause pattern loss include hormonal changes (mostly associated with pregnancy and menopause), medications, heredity, stress, seasonal changes, and insufficient diet or nutritional deficiency.

While some prefer to let their hair loss or hair thinning run its course untreated, others use treatments to restore its growth or take early measures to prevent premature hair loss. Using a hair product with proven ingredients is one of the easiest steps to help stop and reverse hair loss.


Rice Water as a Natural Remedy for Hair Damage & Loss

Rice water is rich in minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for hair. For instance, it contains amino acids which strengthen hair roots and transform hair from dull, lifeless to smooth and shiny. A certain type of carbohydrate found in rice water naturally restores damaged hair and prevents further damage.

As a safe and natural hair growth remedy, rice water aids in regeneration and faster growing of hair length. The vitamins B, C, and E in this miracle fluid also help in hair growth, improve its elasticity, and even cure dandruff issues.


The Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar’s Triple-Targeting Formula

The Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar’s triple formulation, which is composed of  3% Redensyl, 2% Capixyl, and RICE®-3, has been proven to increase new hair growth by up to 214%

The quick-absorbing, triple-targeting formula combines quality, lab-tested ingredients with key aminos and peptides to protect hair from factors causing hair loss and thinning.

The amino acids and peptides in RICE®-3 improve the strength, texture, and shine of the hair. Yao women from a village called Huangluo in China credited the health of their hair to rice water. They believe that it helps detangle hair, increase shine and strength, and make the hair grow longer.


The Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar’s RICE®-3 triple-targeting formula contains:

  • Dihydroquercetin glucoside (DHQG), which is responsible for activating stem cells, resulting in increased growth of new hairs.
  • EGCG2, which soothes and prepares the scalp for better penetration of the shampoo's beneficial ingredients
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 (AT-3) for increased follicle size and vitality, better root strength for less hair shedding, and thicker hair shaft that adds volume.
  • Biochanin A (BioC) which inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, blocking the production of DHT, the main culprit of hair loss in women and men.


How to use this rice water shampoo bar:

  • Rub between the hands or directly to the scalp and massage in with fingertips until it lathers.
  • Continue to massage and let it clean and absorb fully into the scalp before rinsing.


The Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar's repair fiber allows the RICE®-3 triple-targeting formula to enter the pores through the hair, nourishing the scalp, strengthening the hair, and restoring its natural smoothness.

This handcrafted rice soap for hair growth has been proven to:

  • Clean and nourish the hair with the benefits and nutrient-rich ingredients of rice water
  • Combat hair loss, thinning, and shedding from the root by activating hair stem cells
  • Set hair follicles on a new growth phase
  • Improve hair follicle size for less shedding and falling
  • Increase thickness and number of hairs
  • Reduce breakage
  • Restore the luster and smoothness of hair
  • Contain a triple-targeting formula that penetrates the pores through the hair, deeply replenishing the nutrients needed to strengthen the roots and stimulate hair growth
  • Solve hair problems such as split ends, dryness, frizziness, and hair damage caused by dyeing and scalding
  • Moisturize hair core
  • Leave a delicate, protective film to each strand, increasing the gloss and smoothness
  • Work well for any hair type (normal to oily hair) and style (curly, wavy or straight)

The revolutionary ingredient RICE®-3 in this anti-hair loss shampoo bar has been proven to promote new hair growth, while also increasing the thickness of existing hair during the growth phase. In fact, it is so powerful that over 85% of subjects in a controlled laboratory test found a dramatic increase in new hair growth and a measurable increase in hair volume after just 30 days of use.


How the Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar Restores the shine and volume of Victoria Fisher’s hair

I suffered from excessive hair fall, and it has gotten more terrible when stressed (which happened a lot). I tried a variety of home remedies and lifestyle changes to keep my hair from shedding and thinning, but to no avail. A friend recommended the Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar. 


From the first use, I noticed that it brought back the luster of my hair. It cleansed my scalp and moisturized my hair well. I also noticed a decrease in hair fall whenever I took a shower during the first week of use.


This rice water hair soap is really effective in strengthening my hair. I really love that it reduces hair fall and adds volume to my thinning hair without stripping my hair off its natural oils. Second week of continued use and my hair felt soft and easier to comb. Less breakage too.


Wow! This shampoo bar lasts longer than I expected. I love that it doesn’t melt easily but still lathers well. The best part is I no longer have hair fall. My hair looks thicker, bouncier, and healthier, thanks to this rice shampoo!


Product Specifications:

  • Product type: Shampoo bar
  • Net weight: 110g
  • Hair Type: All
  • Application: Suitable for men and women


Package includes:

  • 1 x Anti-Hair Loss Rice Shampoo Bar

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