How To Replace Old Bathroom Faucets?
09.02.2021 | Waltaps | Waltaps. Innovative R & D Expert Of High-Quality

It is not difficult to replace a bathroom faucet if you have a little DIY experience. There are lots of videos of changing faucets on Youtube.

Below are the primary steps for changing a basin faucet.

  1. Turn off the hot and cold water pipes to the valve under the sink.
  2. Turn on the faucet handle to drain the remaining water in the pipes.
  3. Place a large container under the sink to catch the water and then disconnect the supply lines and tap.
  4. If the supply tubes are old and the gasket is worn out, it’s better to replace them with durable flexible stainless steel braided ones.
  5. Unscrew the mounting nuts under the sink that secure the faucet.
  6. Pull up the old faucet assembly from the top until it clears the sink.
  7. Place the new faucet in position and install the valves into the appropriate holes.
  8. Put a washer over the mounting nut. Tighten with a wrench or pliers.
  9. Connect the hot and cold water supply tubes.

Learning to replace a bathroom faucet can give you more control over your plumbing, whether your fixtures are worn, leaking, or just overdue for a change. 

To learn about the installation through the video, please click this link: