How To Make A Small Powder Room Look Bigger?
11.19.2021 | Waltaps | Waltaps. Innovative R & D Expert Of High-Quality

In the modern city, because of the high cost of land, a small bathroom is usual in most homes, especially in New York City. The bathroom is a place to escape, unwind, refresh and rejuvenate, so It’s important for the space to feel relaxing and comfortable.

If you are going to remodel your bathroom to open up the space, we have got some ideas for a bathroom makeover that can make your small bathroom feel bigger. Follow along as we guide you through some interior design tips and bathroom ideas for making your bathroom your best room.

Add More Mirrors

The mirror is able to reflect light that can make spaces feel larger. With this optical illusion, your tin bathroom will feel twice as big as before. Install a big bathroom sink vanity mirror, or mount an entire wall mirror. Meanwhile, with more reflective walls you’ll have more places to check yourself out.

Mirrors especially make a spatial impact in lavatories without a window as the mirror reflects the light. A modern bathroom features either an exponentially large vanity mirror or ceiling-high mirrors. 

Choose Transparent Shower Doors

When your shower is closed off, it can make your space feel even smaller so choosing a transparent shower door or shower curtain can make the room feel larger. A frameless glass shower door with clear glass shower doors opens up the space. 

a glass shower door with a clear finish will make it look like your bathroom is larger than it really is. You’ll be able to see more light while you’re in the shower as well, making it feel more comfortable and safer. Glass shower doors will help you get a better view of that beautiful shower tile you chose and they may even increase the value of your home overall.

Opt For Light Colors

There is no denying that bright colors attribute to a brighter space. When choosing paint colors go for shades of white or light colors, like mint green and blue. Create a color palette for your bathroom that includes everything from the hardware to the decor details. A white-themed bathroom is always classic, and it can easily be amplified with gold or brass-toned hardware fixtures.

Select Quality Lighting

Bathrooms tend to lack natural light and bright light makes any room feel more open and inviting, so equipping your bathroom with high-quality lighting is pivotal. Lighting is the key to creating great ambiance in any room but especially in the bathroom. Positioning lighting on either side of the mirror allows you to better illuminate your face for your beauty routine. 

Overhead lights like pendant lights or a chandelier add character and provide broad-spectrum light for the entire powder room. But the key to quality lighting is quality lightbulbs. Experts recommend your bathroom’s task light have 700 to 800 lumens of light for every 10 square feet. A small bathroom will probably need less than 3,2000 lumens of light. 


Let’s pretend the floor is lava. A cluttered bathroom floor obviously takes away space, so it’s crucial to ensure that your floors are as clean and clear as possible. If you need extra storage space, install wall shelves instead of purchasing a floor-standing storage unit.

Make your wash space feel more inviting with a cozy rug or bath mat that coordinates with the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Go for a sizeable rug that makes sense for the amount of floor space that you have. Whether you have floor tiles or marble floors, you’ll want to go for a shower mat that compliments your floors. 


Whatever the size of your bathroom, wall-hung units – or failing that, units that stand on slim legs – are the best option for faking square footage, simply because you can see beneath them, right to the edges of the room. 

Wondering what to avoid if you want to make your bathroom feel bigger? A wall of fitted furniture. It will make the floor area, and therefore the entire space, look smaller. 

Either way, choose a design that’s the same color as your walls for a cohesive look and consider wall-mounted taps, which allow for slimline basins and more space on the top of them for bathroom paraphernalia. Waltaps wall mounted bathroom faucet is constructed from quality metal for durability and reliability, finished in high quality, corrosion-resistant matte black, which makes it an ideal option for small bathrooms.