How To Clean And Maintain Your Sink Faucets?
10.22.2021 | Bathroom Faucets,Kitchen Taps,Showers,Etc.-Waltaps | Waltaps. Innovative R & D Expert Of High-Quality

If you have recently changed your kitchen or bathroom faucets, you may be amazed by their shininess and flawlessness. But they probably won't stay like that for too long! Since bathroom and kitchen sinks are frequently used, faucets come in contact with people's hands and many other things every day, which means that keeping them clean and well maintained can be difficult. However, following a regular cleaning plan and knowing how to clean and maintain the faucet is the key to keeping the faucet shiny like new in the coming years.

The following are some suggestions for protecting the kitchen and bathroom faucets and maintaining the finishes.

Choose a durable option

The first step in maintaining a faucet is to choose the most durable finish. If you have not bought a new sink mixer tap yet, please consider choosing a brass faucet with a finish you like. In this way, the faucet itself will be durable and able to withstand wear and tear. Brass and bronze finishes are particularly durable.

Be careful during installation

When installing a new faucet (or if you need to remove the faucet for maintenance or repair), please be as careful as possible. Using pliers, wrenches or other tools on the surface of the faucet may cause scratches or dents on the surface the faucet. In addition, avoid the use of plumber's putty, it is easy to adhere to the surface of the faucet, cleaning it off may cause the faucet finish damaged

Keep it dry

You should also dry off the faucet (including the spout, drain and handle) immediately after using. On the one hand, some finishes are prone to water sports, including polished brass, chrome, and stainless steel. On the other hand, if your water is high in minerals, if it stays on the faucet for too long, it may cause deposits to form. Mineral deposits can cause the faucet to lose its luster, which may require brand new bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Tackle buildup

Long-term use of carnauba wax to clean the faucet is a good way to maintain the faucet finish. Because it helps prevent mineral deposits and other accumulations. Therefore, whether you are using an oiled bronze kitchen faucet or a more basic chrome-plated faucet, wax twice a year for maintenance can keep your faucet flawless. If your faucet is aged on purpose, you should avoid wax, so don’t use it for your antique brass bathroom faucet.

Tackle buildup

If you start to notice any buildup, minerals, or other substances on the faucet, try to fix it as soon as possible to prevent it from causing any permanent damage. If your regular cleaning regimen does not help, here is another option: soak a rag in a mixture of warm water and a little white vinegar. Then, spread the washcloth in the area with accumulation for several hours. The water-vinegar mixture should disintegrate the buildup so that it can be wiped off more easily.

Don’t forget the drain

The drain assembly is a part of the faucet that some people tend to overlook. And since it is usually in contact with water and other products as many times as other faucet components (if not many), it is important to keep it clean. Remember: Avoid using drain cleaners as they may peel off the surface of the drain. If necessary, remove the drain ejector and carefully pour the cleaning agent so that it only touches the poured pipe.